Diabetes IQ App

Visualize the net effect of your insulin dose and carbs on your BG profile, and receive BG reminder notifications. Available on the Apple App Store.

Plus Apple Watch Integration

Monitor your BG activities and receive real-time alerts & notification directly on your Apple Watch.
Now available on Apple App Store.


App Overview


Provides you with analytics and statistical insights
about your health & fitness activities.

BG Alert Notifications

Issues alert notifications to remind users
to check their blood glucose levels.

Food Database

Includes built-in food database for
meal-time logging, track favorites meals
and carbohydrate counting.

Health Data Integration

Access your health & fitness data from
Apple Health and from other Health & Fitness
devices using Cloud API.


Maintains a time-stamped log of your BG levels,
insulin doses, meal intakes and
exercise activities.


Allows you to setup custom reminders for
all your health & fitness activities.

How Does It Work

Getting Started

Prior to using Diabetes IQ App, you'll have to setup your diabetes profile. You'll need to specify your units of measure, total daily insulin dosage (TDD), insulin sensitivity factor (ISF), insulin to carb ratio (I:C) and glucose target levels.


The Dashboard is the home screen which provides the users with quick summary overview of their activities over a specified period of time.

BG Insights

The BG Insight allows the user to visualize the carbohydrate and insulin effects on their BG profile after each meal consumption. Other calculated metrics include the insulin onboard and carbohydrate onboard measures.

BG Alert Notifications

The App features Alert notifications to remind users to check their BG levels and to log their meal intakes and insulin doses. The alerting algorithm is based on the user's rapid insulin action-duration, carbohydrate absorption duration and the time elapsed since the last insulin dose. Furthermore, an alert is issued when the total distance travelled (steps) since the last insulin dose is greater than a pre-set threshold. The distance threshold can be customised by the user from the BG Alerts Settings screen. The aim is to encourage users to check their BG levels often in order to reduce the risk of hypoglycaemia.


The App also provides the user with detail trend charts and statistical analytics to assist users in better managing their diabetes.


The App contains a time-stamped logbook to keep track of your insulin doses, blood glucose levels, meal intakes and exercise activities.

Health Data Integration

The App allow access to your health & fitness data via Apple Health and from other health & fitness devices using Cloud API. Supported devices include Smartplus Insulin Pen, Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit and iHealth Glucose Meters. The setup is extremely simple. You enter your user name, password and grant access to Diabetes IQ. The data integration is handled automatically by the App.

Built-in Food Database

Features a built-in food database which contains food items from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and ASEAN Countries. The search algorithm is ultra-fast giving you quick access to the database.

Favorite Meals

The App allow users to tag and save their meals to a favorite list for quick and easy access. The names of the favorite list can also be customized by the user.


Furthermore, the App allow users to backup their data to our Cloud Servers and subsequently restore their data.

About Us

Digital Medics Pty Ltd is a provider of software and medical apps in Australia. Our vision is to provide innovative products incorporating the latest diabetes management technologies. Our product suite include the DiabeticPlus Software and the Diabetes IQ App for both iOS and Android platforms.

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